Five Things to Do While Quarantining With Your Kids.

Did your child just test positive and you want to pull your hair out? Read below for help.

It starts with a cough, then a headache.  Being the responsible person you are, you decide to do a quick Covid test before sending your child to school.  You are praying for a negative.  You get positive.  Then the reality takes hold. Ten whole days (or is it five now?) stuck in the house quarantining with your kids.  If you work, then of course this becomes a real logistical nightmare. We’ll discuss that in another post.  Right now, let’s focus on how you are going to keep junior occupied while maintaining your sanity.  Read on for some ideas.

1. Create some alone time for yourself.

I don’t care how extraverted you are, most people need some amount of alone time.  Most children do not recognize this.  Therefore, get up before them.  I know it sounds cruel to suggest you get up at some obscene hour (like before sunrise) but it can really pay off. I get up an hour before my kids.  Sometimes, it is painful but I am always glad I did it. 

2. Ease your screen time limits. 

 I’m not saying let them sit in front of the TV all day.  However, an extra hour a day  won’t prevent them from getting into Harvard. It may help them rest and give you a break. 

3. Build a diorama 

Find  an old shoe box and have your child think of a theme.  It can be the storyline of his favorite book, or a tale he makes up.  He can cut out figures, furniture, natures scenes on cnstruciton paper and then assemble. Here are some more ideas:

4. Bake some cookies.  

The heat of the oven will kill off any Covid germs.  Of course, everyone should always wash their hands before cooking.  Baking offers all sorts of math and science lessons.   You kill two birds with one stone. Your child will learn how to follow  a recipe (formula), fractions, precise  measuring, solids vrs liquids, amongst other things. The end result will be a delicious treat. 

a mother and child mixing a dough. this is something you can do while quarantining with your kids.
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5. Create a book.

Your child can dictate the story to you or can write it herself if old enough. She can then illustrate it. This will keep her occupied for hours and create a long lasting treasure. Again, you will be reinforcing academic skills.  

We are social creatures.  Quaranting with your kids may be necessary to quell Covid, however, it can be incredibly challenging. You can turn it into a positive experience with a little planning and creativity.  Most important, be gentle on yourself.  This is a tough time.  Your quarantine period may not be Pinterest worthy.  However, it can be an enjoyable enriching experience.  

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