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I love connecting with and inspiring others. My favorite topics to talk about are motherhood over age 35, fertility, and finding your passion and gaining confidence to follow your own path. Women possess an insane amount of power. They just need a little help accessing it. My talks motivate women of all backgrounds to buck the system and forge their own course. I have spoken at the state and national level on a variety of subjects.  Sample topics include women’s mental health, anxiety and mood management, fertility, catching the elusive balance, living your dream, and defining YOU.

I Love Doing Podcasts

Are you a podcaster? Let’s connect. I have so much fun doing guest appearances and love supporting other’s ventures. I do not charge for appearing. You can check out some podcasts I’ve been interviewed on below. If you think we’d jive, shoot me an email.

I am honored to be a 2020 Mom Speaking Ambassador. You can learn more about 2020 Mom here. Her 2020 Mom talks are always complimentary.

TV Appearances: 


Also on ABC (video no longer available)



The Flower Lounge on Lotuswei

Modern Mamas  

Get Pregnant Naturally

4NPs Podcast

Guest Blogs

Print Media

Baltimore’s Child February 2020

Real Simple

Thrive Global

Voyage Baltimore

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This is a logo for Baltimore's Child Magazine.  They recommend Beyond The Egg Timer book for any woman wanting a baby over 35.
This is the logo for ABC. Sharon Fisher was interviewed by Ashley James about Beyond The Egg Timer on ABC.
VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories

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