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Are you trying to have a baby over 35?

Do you want factual information?

Tired of being told you are too old?

We have the book for you! Having a baby over 35 is marred with misinformation, fear, and judgment. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a book that had clear and accurate information as well as inspiring stories? We thought so, too! After reading tons of “how to get pregnant books” and memoirs from other women, we decided the world needed something that actually validates and embraces all women. This is NOT a how to get pregnant book.

Beyond The Egg Timer: A Companion Guide For Having Babies In Your Mid-Thirties and Older is an extraordinary collection of first person narratives from 12 diverse women who have entered motherhood later in life. We coupled theses stories with sage advice and pregtiquette. We selected a range of women to interview. After carefully recording their narrative, we deduced the three main reasons women delay childbearing: Infertility, indecision, and simply, life.

Each narrative is combined with the best science, spirituality, and psychology to offer the reader accurate information and evidence based coping skills.  This is  a must read for any woman considering motherhood! Trying to conceive and pregnancy are stressful enough, don’t let “advanced maternal age” make it harder. Check us out on ABC!

This si a picture of the book, Beyond The Egg Timer.  It is a must read for anyone having a baby over 35.

Beyond The Egg Timer

A Companion Guide for Having Babies in Your Mid Thirties and Older

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Sharon and Emma have been friends for over a decade. Emma mused during a dinner celebrating her 40th birthday: “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book about what its really like to have a baby over 35”. The next day, Sharon called her and proposed writing one.

This is a picture of Toni Weschler.  She wrote the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and endorses  Beyond The Egg Timer as a great book for any one wanting a baby over 35.

Toni Weschler, MPH

Author of Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

“Sharon and Emma have given an illuminating gift to women 35 and older who hope to have a baby little later in life. In many ways, their book reads like a series of gripping short stories, each offering the authors an opportunity to teach you practical skills in which to handle all kinds of challenges on the road to achieving your dream.”

Alice Callahan PhD, author of The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year

“Beyond the Egg Timer is a much-needed salve for women navigating the complicated landscape of having babies later in life. I’ve never felt so lonely as I did during the many months I spent trying to conceive in my mid-30s, and this book would have helped me realize I wasn’t alone. It’s full of real stories of survival from other women, each one different, illustrating how unpredictable this journey can be. But in each story, with the additional guidance of the authors, comes a little wisdom about how to cope and find peace in the process.”

Featured in,, and Baltimore’s Child.

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