Treatment for Bipolar

Have you been diagnosed with Bipolar? 

Do you wonder if you have it?

Bipolar disorder is a complicated condition.  It is sometimes referred to as manic depression because it entails periods of mania and depression.  Oftentimes, it is misdiagnosed and people suffer needlessly.  At Nurtured Well, LLC, we accurately diagnose and treat it so you can live your best life. 

Symptoms of Bipolar 

You are a unique individual but common symptoms of Bipolar include: 

  • Distracted easily
  • Talking faster or louder than normal 
  • Inflated sense of self-esteem
  • Doing risky things you later regret
  • Increased productivity 
  • Significant decreased need for sleep
  • High levels of energy
  • Increased interest in sex
  • Increased irritability 

Typically, these manic periods are followed by depression  but it’s not actually required to have a diagnosis of Bipolar 1.  People with Bipolar 2 will have periods of depression.   

Glowing bright fireworks in dark sky. This represents how the brain may feel when manic.  WOmen can get help for bipolar disorder at Nurtured Well, LLC in Towson, MD 21204

How do you treat Bipolar?

Medication is necessary to manage bipolar. At Nurtured Well, LLC, we are pretty gentle with medication.  We never force it on anyone.  However, you can not treat bipolar without it.  We understand this may be scary for you.  However, manic periods are also really bad for your health.  In fact, they cause more harm as you can end up doing a lot of things you regret during one.  Therefore, it is imperative to find the right medication.

Nurtured Well, LLC’s approach to bipolar.

This is a picture of a woman holding a cup of coffee. It represents someone taking time.  Just like the nurses at Nurtured Well, LLC will take time to listen to you.

Our psychiatric nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) are highly experienced at diagnosing and treating bipolar. First, we do a thorough assessment.  We look for anything else that could be causing these symptoms. Next, we partner with you to find the right medication.  The process continues with proper monitoring to ensure the medication is working and you are not experiencing too many side effects. 

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What  if I am pregnant?

The PMHNPs at Nurtured well are well versed in treating pregnant women.  We have all received additional training.  Many women are scared to  take medication when pregnant.  However, 70% of women with bipolar  who stop treatment will have postpartum depression. More importantly, bipolar disorder is a huge risk factor for postpartum psychosis. Therefore, it is super important to treat bipolar disorder during pregnancy. 

Therapy and lifestyle can help bipolar.

Our model is holistic.  We will work with you to establish a good sleep pattern. Sleep deprivation can trigger mania. We also believe in the power of therapy.  Our therapist at Nurtured Well, LLC is ready to help you. We are happy to coordinate care if you already have a therapist.   

What is holding you back from getting help for your bipolar?

Some people feel they don’t have the time.  We offer tele-health to make it more convenient for you.  You can see your PMHNP from the comfort of your own home.  Are you worried that medication will take your ‘edge” away? It is  true you will no longer have the high highs but you will still feel joy and creativity.  Your manic periods will no longer cause you harm. 

Begin treatment from anywhere in Maryland now.

1: Call or email Jen and get scheduled with one of our caring PMHNPs.

serious ethnic young woman using laptop at home.  She is emailing Nurtured Well, LLC  to get help with her bipolar disorder.
An older woman sitting on a couch.  She is seeing her Psych NP to manage her mood from her home in Maryland.

2: Begin treatment from the comfort of your own home or in our office.

3: Live your best life.

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Other services offered at Nurture Well, LLC in Towson, MD 

We treat women age 18 and older for a variety of mood, anxiety and adjustment disorders.  We use our holistic nursing approach to help you live your best life. 

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