Are you living with depression, anxiety, bipolar, PMDD, a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, or stress? We would love to help you achieve your best life. Sometimes, therapy and psychiatric medication is key to that. It can be scary, but we are a particularly good match for women afraid of medication but feel they may need it.

What We Do

Therapy & Medication

We provide evaluation, medication, and psychotherapy for women age 18 and better. Additionally, Sharon does psychiatric evaluations for bariatric surgery. The nurses and therapists of Nurtured Well, LLC specialize and have additional training in pregnancy and postpartum. We also love caring for women as they transition through menopause.

Our Approach

We take a radically compassionate approach to care. It is incredibly daring to share your inner thoughts, feelings, and fears with another human being. It requires being vulnerable and we want to make this as healing and comfortable as possible for you. We do not judge. In fact, we do our own personal work through education, self care, and spiritual practice in order to be truly present for you.

Please explore our website to learn how we can help you!

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