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Welcome.  Are you feeling drained or overwhelmed?  Do you feel like you have given everything you have to everyone else?  Have you stopped enjoying things?  Maybe you feel restless, tense, or tight?  I  specialize in helping women adjust to all stages of their adult life: from college to pregnancy (or infertility) through motherhood and menopause.  My name is Sharon Praissman Fisher and I can help reduce your anxiety and increase your joy.   As a dually certified Adult and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I offer integrative, comprehensive mental health care through medication management and therapy.  My care is personalized.  I will always ask you about your life, not just about medication. I will work with you to form  a treatment plan that moves with you as your needs change.  I will also collaborate with your other providers.  I will see you as a whole person with unique challenges.

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