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Are you overwhelmed?

We can help. Rates of mental health issues like depression and anxiety are skyrocketing. Of course they are! 2020 was a doozy and things are still pretty unsettled. Many women, just like you, are struggling with their mood and anxiety.

Does everything annoy you?

You are not alone. Irritability is a surprisingly common symptom of depression, stress, and anxiety. To put it simply, your well is dry and no one is coming to refill it. Of course, you’re a little snappy. The pandemic may have closed schools but it didn’t make your work load lighter. In fact, you may be working more. Furthermore, everything else is so. much. harder. For example, a simple trip to the grocery store has morphed into this big thing of making sure its not to crowded, you have your mask, etc. As the folk singer Iris Dement once said: “Easy’s getting harder”.

Medication for depression and anxiety helps.

Many women are afraid of psychiatric medicine but, the truth is, most are grateful once that finally start it. Let’s be honest, therapy, coping skills, exercise and the like are wonderful. However, sometimes you need a little booster. When prescribed correctly, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications help you be the best version of yourself. In fact, they increase the effectiveness of counseling and other tools.

Why go to a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner instead of your PCP?

We have specialized training in correctly diagnosing depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental health issues. Furthermore, we stay current with all the latest advances in psychiatric medications and treatments. We closely monitor your prescription medications to make sure they are working appropriately. PCPs are amazing! However, they deal with many, many issues. This is all we do.

Nurtured Well, LLC in Towson, MD and Online throughout Maryland can help with depression and anxiety.

We offer unparalleled care. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are experts in diagnosing, prescribing, and monitoring mental health medications. Some offer counseling as well. Unlike other clinics that rush you through, we take our time. Our nurses really care about you. We are accessible in between appointments and never charge extra for that. Most importantly, we partner with you. Ultimately, this is your health and we want you to be comfortable with the medication you are taking.

How are we different than a psychiatrist?

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide care from the nursing model, not medical model. The nursing model has always been based on the premise that you are a complete person living in a dynamic environment. We learn by caring for real live humans. Of course we also spend lots of time in the classroom studying anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, organic chemistry, etc.

Nursing is wellness based. We are much more concerned with how well you are feeling and functioning than with your diagnosis. To this end, we always ask you about your health goals and work towards those.

Do you help women like me?

We  specialize in helping women adjust to all stages of their adult life: from college to pregnancy (or infertility) through motherhood and menopause.  In addition, we are also happy to serve women who don’t have or desire children.  Many of our clients are part of the LGBTQ community.  We also care for women from conservative religious backgrounds.  We respect and honor what is important to you. 

I’m pregnant, can I have medicine for anxiety or depression?

Yes! One advantage of the Nurtured Well team is that we are specially trained to prescribe and mange medication in pregnancy and during breast feeding. This is super important as the information changes rapidly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about medication in pregnancy. Not every Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatrist is well informed, so it is crucial for your and your baby’s well being to pick one who is.

Can I have a tele-health psychiatric appointment?

Absolutely! We proudly use the VSEE system. Even after Covid is controlled, we will continue offering tele-health throughout Maryland. Some of our clients do both in-person and on-line. All clients must be located in Maryland or D.C. at the time of their appointment.

Mental health care is more important now than ever.  We proudly offer tele-health visits throughout the state of Maryland and Saturday hours.  We are here to help. Schedule now.

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This is the badge that certifies providers as perinatal mental health professionals. It is granted by PSI to experts in the field.
All of our providers have completed PSI training.
Sharon is a 2020 Mom Speaking Ambassador and gives talks about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders throughout the greater Baltimore, MD area and online nationally.
This is the badge for the Postpartum Stress Center, a leader in postpartum depression education and treatment.
Jendayi has completed this training and sees clients on line throughout Maryland.

Three Steps to Feeling Better in Towson, MD

We also serve the entire state of Maryland through tele-health.

Our Towson, MD 21204 office is easily accessible from Riderwood 21139, Lutherville-Timmonium 21093, Parkville 21234, Monkton 21111, Pikesville 21208, Baltimore City 21210 and more!

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