Medication for Women

We provide psychiatric medications like antidepressants and antianxiety medication. Many women are afraid of medication. We understand. There is a lot of misinformation and stigma around medication. We hear your concerns and create a treatment plan with you. Often times, we consult with your therapist, PCP, or other providers. When done correctly, medication helps you feel like your best you.

Why choose a Psychiatric NP instead of your PCP or OB?

Our sole job is correctly diagnosing depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental health issues. Furthermore, we stay current with all the latest advances in psychiatric medications and treatments. We closely monitor your prescription medication to make sure it is working appropriately. PCPs are amazing! However, they deal with many, many issues. This is all we do. 

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How are we different than a psychiatrist?

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide care from the nursing model, not medical model. The nursing model has always been wellness based. You are not a “problem” to be fixed. You are a human being with complex experiences and feelings. We believe you are a complete person living in a dynamic environment. You are so much more than a diagnosis. Everything from the dynamics in your home to major world events influence your mental health. We learn by caring for real live humans. Of course we also spend lots of time in the classroom studying anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, organic chemistry, etc.    

Nursing is wellness based. We are much more concerned with how well you are feeling and functioning than with your diagnosis. To this end, we always ask you about your health goals and work towards those.  

What about side effects?

It’s true. Psychiatric medication can also have side effects. Weight gain, low libido, and fatigue are not uncommon. We will work with you to find the best medication and ways to limit side effects. We will never tell you to “just live with it”.

Get the help you need now.

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  1. Email or call Jen now to schedule with one of our expert Psych NPs.
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2. Meet from the privacy of your own home or work. We offer tele-health throughout Maryland.

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3. Get back to being you!

Nurtured Well also offers counseling! Meet our therapist, Heather. We collaborate as a group and always meet once a month to discuss cases. Of course, our providers will meet with each other as often as needed to provide the best care.

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