Top 10 Ways to Save Money

It’s no secret that prices of groceries and gas have escalated over the last few months. The news is full of doomsday stories  about interest rates and a  possible recession.  All of this can feel overwhelming.  The truth is,  most of this is out of our control.  However, we can take some practical steps to feel empowered during this time of financial uncertainty. Both small and big changes can save money. 

Credit card. this shows that you can save money by using credit cards.
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1. Get a credit card.  What! Yes, a credit card.  Credit cards can help you save money assuming you pay off the bill every month.  How so?  Many credit cards give you points or cash back.  In order to save money, don’t spend more than you normally would but use the credit card instead of a debit card or cash. Shop around to find a card that gives you the best perks. Some credit cards will double or triple points on specific categories of purchases.   For example, they might give double points for the month of December on all gas purchases.  You have to buy gas anyway, use the card and get money back.   Some give you flight points.  My family loves the Southwest Chase Visa–we fly free several times a year simply by putting all our expenses on the card.   We save money on travel that way.

2. Manualize your grocery shopping. Ok, that sounds really nerdy but it works.  Different stores have the best prices on different items.  No one wants to go to four different stores in one weekend.  However, you can strategize so you are able to stock up on the deals and visit each store as little as possible. For example, let’s say Trader Joes has the best price on cereal and nuts, since they are non-perishable you can buy 3 months worth on a single trip  (put the nuts in the freezer).  Many dairy products have long shelf lives.  Depending on your fridge size, you can stock up.  Prioritize shopping at stores that have the best prices on produce as they are the most perishable and often non-freezable. A little planning up front can save money throughout the year.   

3. Revamp your diet.  Speaking of food, evaluate how and what your family eats.  Countless sources prove that eating plant based can save money.  Start by menu planning.  Make sure that some of your meals are vegetarian.  Also try to DIY a lot of pre-made things when possible.   For example, salad dressing is surprisingly easy to make.  This will save some money and can be healthier as well! Baby carrots are a lot more filling than chips so you will eat less.  They actually are cheaper per pound, as well! 

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4. Invest your time and energy in meal prep and planning.  I know this touches a nerve in people.  We certainly are not saying you could solve all your financial issues by brown bagging your lunch.  However, it is true that you can easily save $200 a month by packing a lunch.  You also waste less food if you plan out meals. 

5. Use your public library.  You can get  Ebooks, audio books, and sometimes movies through the library as well as traditional books.  Unless it is a book you will refer back to a lot and truly treasure, consider borrowing vs buying. 

6. Buy quality clothing.  Ok, this sounds counter intuitive.  But think about it, doesn’t it make sense to pay more for a good coat that will last a decade than a cheap one that will fall apart after a year or two?  

7. Use warranties that come with the product.  I’m not sure it makes sense to buy an extra warranty but use the ones that come for free.  It can feel like a pain to send things back but it is a way to save money. 

8. Less is more.  Take a good hard look at your closet and dressing habits. Most women own way more clothing than they need.  Once a year, survey your wardrobe.  Get rid of anything that you don’t wear. Make a list of the things you do wear and replace them as needed.  For example, I wore the same classic  black wrap dress  to every major event for 15 years.  I only replaced it when my body changed enough that it was no longer flattering.   Unless you actually work in an industry where fashion matters, you don’t need a new dress for every event.  

9. Cancel subscriptions.  The less is more theme continues here.  Do you really need 10 streaming services?  Yes, I know you want to see that cool show your co-worker was talking about.  It’s on HBO and you don’t have that.  Honestly though, you can live without seeing it.  Focus on what you do have.  There is lots of great TV out there.

10. Use the right amount.  Whether it is laundry detergent or hair shampoo, make sure you are not over pouring.   

Some of  these changes may seem small or silly but they add up over time. Start with one or two and enjoy the savings!   

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