Have you thought about starting therapy but find the whole thing overwhelming? Maybe the thought of telling a stranger your innermost feelings scares you.  Well, rest assured, there is no need to disclose every little thing.  Especially not in the beginning.  

Therapy is a process.

Therapy is about guided self discovery.  It is a collaborative effort.  Not something “done to you”.  We do not give advice in therapy nor tell you what to do.  We help you clarify your motivations, values, and  desires. Your therapist supports you through this process.   Sometimes we stay focused in the here and now, sometimes we help you gain an understanding of past events. 

Therapy is a relationship.

The therapy room (virtual or real) is a safe space.  We work to create a supportive atmosphere where you get to experience unconditional positive regard.  What is that?  It’s being wholeheartedly accepted simply for being you.  Even our most positive relationships have bias.  In therapy, you get to experience someone being 100% behind you.  Your therapist wants to understand you and what’s important to you.  We’re not here to impose our own agenda. We’re here to help you live your best life. 

2 women talking and laughing. It portrays a therapy session with one of our caring therapists in Towson, MD.
Photo by Windows on Unsplash on 5/5/2022

Therapy is dynamic.

All of our clinicians offer therapy.   We have slightly different approaches but all of us use modalities that are interactive.  Our therapists won’t sit there silently writing things on a clipboard periodically say “ah-ha, I see” and then go back to staring at our clipboard while you talk. We all  give you tangible skills and integrate some level of mindfulness. 

Therapy lasts as long as you want.

You can participate in therapy for a short or long amount of time.  We do suggest weekly to start but are open to every other week or even monthly as you meet goals. Some people make ample progress in 10 sessions and others need longer.  We have no way of knowing in advance how much you will need to see change.  However, you can stop whenever you want to.  

The first session.

The first session, or “Intake” is about gathering basic  information.  In order to provide the most competent care, we need to ask certain things.  Typical questions will revolve around current stressors, your history with mental health issues, basic data about where and how you grew up, current supports, and other issues.   The actual work of therapy may not happen until the second session.

What if I don’t like my therapist? 

If you truly don’t like her after the intake, quit!  However, we encourage you to give it three sessions.  Therapy can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, you don’t leave a session feeling great.  However, overtime you should be experiencing change. If your therapist says something that rubs you the wrong way, let her know.  Seriously, we are totally open to that.  We’re humans as well and sometimes don’t get it right. 

What can therapy help?

Everything! Some people start therapy to gain a better understanding of themselves or their life.  Some come with a specific problem. Common conditions we treat are stress, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression and anxiety, bipolar, relationship issues, and  trauma.   

Call or email Jen and she will set you up with one of our therapists.

Nurtured Well, LLC also offers medication management in addition to therapy.  We collaborate on all care. 

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