How Therapy Can Improve Your Career 

Whether you are looking to make a career change or just want to get ahead in your current job, therapy can help you achieve your goals. For women age 30-40, high quality therapy can be especially beneficial. Let’s look at some of the ways that therapy can help improve your career. 

Most of us are in our early twenties when we choose our career path.  In fact, many colleges require you to declare a major by the end of your freshman year.  However, if you are like most people, you don’t really know who you are  at that age.  Furthermore, many people that age have not had enough exposure to all the possibilities out there.  Although there is a practical aspect to getting your degree early in adulthood, it can also lead to a lot of dissatisfaction in your career.  Considering people now work, on average, 8-9 hours per day, its good to like what you do. How can therapy help you career?  Read below. 

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Gain Clarity 

One of the benefits of therapy is that it provides a safe space for you to gain clarity on where you want to go and how to get there. Working with an experienced therapist can help you identify obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and show you practical strategies for overcoming them. Through this process, many people find themselves better able to set realistic goals for their careers and take action towards achieving those goals. 

Improve Communication Skills 

Another way that therapy can help improve your career is by teaching effective communication skills. Good communication is essential in any professional environment, yet many people struggle with it because they lack the necessary skills or feel uncomfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings in a professional setting. Therapy can provide an opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively at work as well as practice new communication techniques in a safe setting so that they become second nature when interacting with colleagues or customers. 

Develop Self-Esteem & Confidence 

Finally, therapy can also be beneficial in helping build self-esteem and confidence. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can hold us back from taking risks necessary for advancement in our careers; however, working with a therapist can give us the support we need to recognize our own worth and develop the confidence needed to pursue our dreams without fear of failure or rejection. 

Overall, therapy can be incredibly useful when it comes to improving your career prospects no matter what stage you are at in your life or profession. By providing clarity on career goals, teaching effective communication skills, and building self-esteem & confidence, working with a therapist can give you the edge needed for success in today’s competitive job market. If you are looking for ways to further your career prospects, consider exploring therapy as an option today!

Three steps to improving your career through therapy:

  1. Contact us now
  2. Schedule with our expert therapist
  3. Have your dream career!
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About the author:

 Sharon P. Fisher is the founder of Nurtured Well, LLC.  She is also the co-author of Beyond The Egg Timer: A Companion Guide to Having Babies in Your Mid-Thirties and Older.   

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