Should I Go On A Retreat? 

Have you seen retreats advertised and wondered if it was for you?  Read on, to learn more about how a retreat can restore your energy and help you find your calm.   Additionally, this post will help you overcome obstacles to going on retreat. First, let’s start with explaining what a retreat is. 

What is a retreat?

In short, a retreat offers time and space to reflect on your life (or an aspect of your life), develop insight, create goals, and  bond with others.  Some retreats center on your spiritual life, others on lifestyle issues.  They all share in common the idea of withdrawing or “retreating” from daily life.  This is critical to find the room in your mind and heart to reflect. Retreats can be one day, one week, or one year!  We are offering a two night retreat because we feel that it is optimal to really decompress and make progress while not disrupting your daily life too much.  

Some retreats are silent, others revolve around yoga or nature, whereas some focus on a psychological method. We are utilizing Nature Informed Therapy.  

What is Nature Informed Therapy?

forest-come bath in the forrest!  Our Nature Retreat for Women offers a time to connect with nature.
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Retreats based on Nature Informed Therapy use intentional activities to harness the power of nature to heal our wounds, reconnect to self, and gain insight.  Human beings have spent most of our history mainly outdoors.  In our over 6 million years on Earth (the last 300,000 years as Homo Sapiens) we have only spent a miniscule fraction of our time living indoors. In fact, it’s something like less than 5% of our history, mainly indoors.   

More and more people are feeling the effects of living against our inner instincts.  We may not directly connect our stress, depression, physical ailments, and overall lack of life luster to our disconnect to nature.  However, it is a major player. 

Who is the RESET in Nature Retreat for? 

We are super excited about this retreat!  Both Elizabeth and I  see numerous women in our private practices who are completely burned out from the last few years. Women took the brunt of the Pandemic. Overwhelmingly, we were responsible for the home schooling as well as caring for elderly relatives who needed help during this time.  Additionally, women fled the workforce in unheard of numbers.  Many women gave up their dreams and ambitions because their employers refused to  accommodate the reality of the Pandemic.

The RESET Retreat offers space and time to reconnect to ourselves while gaining back energy and empathy through connecting with nature and others

woman sitting between brown trees. You can reset at our nature retreat for women.
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What does the RESET in Nature Retreat offer?

First, two nights in a room of your own!!  I could probably stop there. We intentionally chose a retreat center that offered this level of privacy.  Having your own space allows for optimal reflection as well as Covid safety. You will also have your own bathroom which means showering in peace! 

Elizabeth is a RYT and will expertly guide us through a daily yoga class (outdoors). We will then have two or three  intentional nature based therapy interventions per day.  This may include “awe walks”, “sit spot”, guided meditations, etc.  You will  have time to reflect on the activities. Additionally, although most of the work is individual, you will be part of a group of like minded women.  One of the most painful things of our modern times is the total disconnect to others. This was a problem prior to the pandemic but obviously, social distancing exacerbated it.  

Lastly, the Retreat provides all meals and snacks. Again, not having to think about preparing food frees up the mental energy to reconnect to yourself. 

How can I make the Retreat work into my life?

This was a top priority when conceptualizing this retreat. We know you are busy.  Life is demanding.  The Retreat starts at 5pm Friday (you can arrive anytime after 3pm).  This allows for most of a full work day on Friday.  We will end by 2pm on Sunday so you can get home and prepare for the week. Therefore, you are not really gone that long.  However, it is long enough to truly “retreat” and care for yourself. 

But won’t I return to the same crazy making at home? 

Probably.  We can’t control that.  However YOU WILL BE DIFFERENT. Elizabeth and I are very pragmatic in our approach.  We will  guide you through these activities to make lasting changes.  We will also strategize to keep some practices going at home.  Therefore, you will return more calm and centered.  This will help you interact with your family, co-workers, and  community in a more productive and loving manner. See, a retreat not only helps you, it serves all of your community!  Sign up today!  Space is limited. 

Learn more here.  

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