Five Ways to Get Your Energy Back

1. Stop over giving.  

Are you the person who always volunteers?  Maybe you stay late at work when short staffed or always organize the teacher’s gift?  It is wonderful to be involved and help out.  In fact, if we did not have people like you, society would fall apart.  However, all of this giving with little receiving leads to burnout.  A well balanced life requires, well, balance.  The next time someone asks you to do something and you are feeling exhausted, say no.  It’s really that simple.  It may feel odd to sit one out sometimes. However, never setting a boundary with your time will lead to burnout.  Paradoxically, you will have more energy  to ultimately do more if you take some time to do less. 

2. Get into bed before 10pm.

I know this seems impossible for some people.  However, too many Americans do not get enough sleep.  This leads to weight gain, impaired immunity, decreased concentration as well as low energy.  You don’t have to fall asleep before 10pm but being in bed doing a calm activity like reading (a book– not your phone!), will help you wind down. 

woman lying down on the bed while reading a book.  Getting enough sleep restores energy.
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3. Eat regularly and healthfully. 

This may seem obvious but very few people do it.  Fueling yourself on caffeine and sugar will only go so far. Taking time to prepare and eat an actual meal will enhance your energy.  You can keep it simple.  One of my favorite sources for delicious and healthy recipes is Budget Bytes. Additionally, dehydration can cause fatigue so aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day.  So, if you weigh 160lbs, drink 80 ounces of water daily. 

4. Cut toxic relationships.

Do you have a friend whom you always feel exhausted after seeing?  Maybe you only call her out of guilt or obligation?  Toxic friendships are a huge energy zap.  We have lots of experience breaking up with romantic partners, but friendships are trickier.  However, it may be necessary if the relationship no longer serves you.  Here is a primer on how to handle friendships that have run their course. 

5. Retreat 

What is a retreat?  It is space and time for self reflection and healing.  There are all types of retreats from yoga  themed ones to retreats  based on Buddhist philosophy.  It may seem self indulgent.  However, running non stop, constantly giving leads to burnout and resentment.  Sometimes, taking some space to contemplate your life and what you want out of it will help you better care for those around you.  

You can even do a Nature based one!  We are offering  the RESET in Nature Retreat this October.  It is based on Nature Informed Therapy.  We will have plenty of time outside doing intentional activities aimed at calming our nervous systems.  We will also learn about Polyvagal Nerve Theory. These two modalities combined will help us better understand what sets us off and how to heal.  

woman sitting between brown trees represents a woman at our Nature Retreat
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The Retreat is at Bon Secours Retreat Center in beautiful Howard County, MD.  It is easily accessible from Baltimore, Washington DC, West Virginia,  and Pennsylvania.  

Learn more about it here!  

The last several years have been daunting.  We have been running at an inhumane rate.  Restoring your energy is critical for healing.  Even doing just one of the above things will help!

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