Top 5 Ways to Counter Burnout

Are you burnt out?  Who isn’t?  

The last two years have been indescribable.  We have been tasked with an impossible amount of work, obligations, and overall mental load.  For those of us who are extreme empaths, it is particularly challenging to be  constantly bombarded with all of this suffering. Last week, we learned what  the professionals do to cope with overwhelm and burnout during this time.  This week, we will explore some other options.  

The thing is, although the Pandmeic was an extreme and abrupt change, there are always stressors. Many people were burnt out prior to this.  There are also seasons of life that are more  stressful than others. The answer, therefore,  is not to avoid life or wait things out  but to find ways to enjoy life and self sooth in the midst of all of this chaos. 

1. Turn Your Phone Off.

All of the therapists I know (including myself) find it essential to set  boundaries.  This not only applies to other people but also to your technology.  Try turning your phone off at a certain hour every night.  You can also set certain apps to only be available at set times.  This may work better  if you need the phone available in case of emergencies.  

It is also helpful to keep your phone in  a drawer or separate room during the day while working.  This avoids the temptation to check social media or the news. You will feel more productive if you can focus undisturbed on tasks.  You can always check the phone between tasks. 

2. Small appliances go a big way. 

I adore my milk frother and it cost less than $20!   The best part is it is so easy to use.  Sometimes I just stick it directly in  my coffee instead of frothering the milk separately.  I also love how easy it is to clean.  It makes me feel like I’m treating myself  yet it is so simple to use. 

There is nothing as lovely as a warm towel after your shower. Although towel warmers are a little pricer, there are some nice options under $200.  They last a long time and you need a towel rack anyway, right? 

person holding a blue ceramic cup with latte.  You can make your own at home with a frother.  It is just one way to deal with burn out.
Photo by Mike Jones on retrieved 3/15/22

3. Buy lunch out once a week. 

We’ve all seen the meme, not buying avocado toast won’t lead to buying a house.   However,  you can easily save five to seven thousand dollars a year by brown bagging it. My husband and I have been avid brown baggers for 40 years now!    Since things have opened up, I started treating myself to take out once a week. It’s not even that the food is so much better, it’s just great to have someone else prepare it. It has reduced my feelings of burnout around cooking and food prep. 

4. Check out regularly. 

Schedule  unstructured time weekly (at least).  If you can do it more than once a week, all the better.  It may be a few hours or an entire day.  Either will work.  Don’t be surprised if it is hard for you to relax at first.  We are so used to being busy all the time it can feel almost stressful trying to relax. Rest assured, the more you do it, the easier it will become. You may want to use this time to browse magazines, read a good book for pleasure, or simply stare out the window.

5. Reflect on your day. 

Spend some time at the end of the day reflecting on how you felt and thought during the day.  It’s helpful to have a beautiful journal to turn to.  Record some of the things you experienced and things that you accomplished. I know that  journaling gets touted a lot. For good reason, it really is helpful to take some time to slow down and reflect on all that we are experiencing. 

fashion woman notebook pen,  journaling can help with burnout.  At Nurtured Well, LLC we encourage patients to reflect on their day.
Photo by Negative Space on retrieved on 3/15/22

Need more structure and support to overcome your burnout?

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