Are you restless?

Anxiety can manifest as unease, irritability, or tightness. Is it difficult for you to sit down and rest? Maybe you can’t focus or you have the same thought playing over and over like a broken record. Does your stomach hurt or has your IBS been acting up? This can all be anxiety as well as difficulty falling or staying asleep or changes in appetite.

You don’t need a reason to be anxious but a global pandemic and a contentious political race surely don’t help us feel calm. The good news is, we can help.

We will find a medication that can assist in relieving theses uncomfortable symptoms and get you back to you. Medication alone is typically not the full answer but it can help you feel well enough to incorporate positive coping tools and healthy habits that can improve your anxiety.

Our clinicians can also teach you breathing techniques, guided imagery, and other coping tools. Julie and Sharon are trained in counseling techniques that can get at the root of your anxiety.

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